• Sonia Lazo

Let's Create Your Best Holiday

Planning a trip is something anyone can do in the digital world especially now but how does one come up with the best holiday? Here at Turismo Pinoy, we create trips tailored just for you. By discussing your preferences, interests and limitations, we can offer and recommend tours and activities to match what you're looking for. Our expert knowledge and deep understanding of the Philippines and the products we've built around it help create your ideal holiday. We connect you to the best people and the best places. This is strengthened by our steady partnership with hotels, operators, local guides and medical establishments from Batanes to Tawi-Tawi ensuring quality and safety in all aspects. We take pride in our own team of tour specialists, tour guides, tour leaders and drivers who have seen, smelled, heard, tasted, thought and felt much of the country. This gives better assurance that your movement on the ground–from your arrival up up to the moment you leave are planned and fulfilled with confidence.

Technology is a game changer in travel and together with our services, we can transform your experience into a memorable and worthwhile trips.

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